1. Only Grand Total: reports monthly and cumulative totals in US$ FOB and Net Kg, from all periods available, in order of the most recent year to the oldest. This option does not allow using "Detail Filter". You must set specific variables.

2. Available variables for queries: in the Export and Import modules, queries can be made for each of the available variables: products, economic bloc, country, states, cities, port and means of transport, individually or in combination, and it can be used up to two Detail Filters. The query for goods has special characteristics, since it can be made by consulting a specific product, by a range of goods or using the Merchandise Basket.

3. Periods: in each query, it can be selected up to six monthly our accumulated periods.

4. Detail Filter: it means to be able to obtain all instances of one or more variables. Both the range of goods and the Merchandise Basket corresponds to one Detail Filter.

5. Auxiliary Tables: allows queries, by code or by name, of the tables used in the system (Merchandise, Country, State, City, Port, Means of transport, Exporter/Importer, Economic Bloc, statistical unit of the commodity and correlation between countries and economic blocks).

6. Rank value: it means ordering the reports of the information requested. When not required, the search result is presented in ascending order of the variable code.

The possibilities of rank value area:

. By order of value

. Above or equal to US$...

. Below or equal to USS...

. Between values

. Occurrence(s) in descending order of value

Necessarily, to solicit rank value, one must define at least one Detail Filter.

7. Presentation of query results: the system displays the query results on the computer screen, and they can be printed or read/copied. The user can choose the file generation option (Excel or Text formats), which will be sent to your email.

8. Using the Aliceweb: it is recommended to access the User Guide available at the top of the page. This file is in PDF format, containing clarifications on the register at the site, system concepts and examples of queries.